Leveraging the right data infrastructure and analytics can greatly improve healthcare processes. For example, though clinical trials have several obstacles to overcoming a lack of diversity, modernizing the data infrastructure and analytics is one of the most impactful improvements for such aspects as identifying the right patients to recruit. Modernizing also accommodates other improvements, such as:

  • Identification of health inequity
  • Root causes of disparity

As clinical trials are required to improve and pivot, so too is the way of wrangling the underlying diverse data streams and managing that data to present insights for better decision making in that recruitment process. DataWELL’s analytics and data platform are built for just that purpose, to support healthcare companies’ needs of:

  • Speed of development
  • Data management
  • Leveraging one source of truth
  • Timely data insights

“To achieve diversity goals in research requires a multifaceted approach that makes clinical trial participation easier and uses analytics to help identify the right patients to recruit for a clinical trial.”  – Raj Indupuri (via MedCityNews.com)

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