Third Party Terms and Conditions

DataWELL Informatics, Inc. Third Party Terms and Conditions

Subscribers to and users of DataWELL Informatics, Inc. (“DataWELL”) Cloud Services are subject to certain terms and conditions of our hosting partners as set forth on their websites. To the extent there is a conflict between the terms set forth in any DataWELL Cloud Services Order and the terms set forth in any third party host’s terms and conditions for use of their platform, the third party’s terms and conditions will control and superseded the terms set forth in the DataWELL Cloud Services Order to the extent they pertain to that third party’s platform.

“Cloud Hosting Environment” is the procurement of remote/virtual hosting resources from a Third-Party Provider to host data, services and/or solutions.

DataWELL Informatics provides Clients with services that may include software, data management, reporting and analytics in a Cloud Hosting Environment. Your use of these services is subject to the terms and conditions of the applicable Cloud Hosting Environment, which are incorporated herein as if fully set forth below.

Armor Acceptable Use Policy:

Armor Service Level Agreement:

Snowflake Acceptable Use Policy:

Snowflake Acceptable Use Policy and Support Policy and Service Level Agreement: