Our Platform

The DataWELL Platform is designed with your business evolution in mind.

With DataWELL hosting, leverage our comprehensive analytics and technology expertise while enjoying peace of mind:

DataWELL hosting offers:

  • Lower capital costs.
  • No purchase of hardware, or applications,
  • Reduce resources for technical support staff
  • Market data availability

Our Data Warehouse environment delivers ownership portability without needing to completely rebuild the technology environment.

  • With DataWELL you have the flexibility to change the hosting environment, with a transition package sliding scale price over time. Our team will assist in establishing 3rd Party licensing agreements (BI tool, groupers, etc), and items in the
  • The self-hosted option gives you the ability to own the environment, moving to a license based model with optional management services. Optional management services are shown in the diagram in the beige DataWELL-branded boxes.
  • You will also be able to develop internal knowledge of the platform through a smooth transition plan.
  • You can also continue to let DataWELL manage the environment through ala cart management services.

Leverage our hosted data warehouse for your ongoing analytics needs.