Our Difference

DataWELL provides the industry’s first flexible analytics platform to improve healthcare management, streamline business operations, and identify improvement opportunities — all at a lower cost and with an option to buy.

DataWELL is unique. We solve complex business problems using a collaborative approach drawing from multiple intelligences – healthcare expertise, data science, clinical and technical delivery. And, we do not “lock you in.”

Our strength breaks into four key differences:


Proven Experience

Managing big data securely is only half the battle. The challenge of informatics is to ask the right questions, build the most accurate models, and spot the most telling trends. This requires a team that is deeply engaged with the challenges facing the industry.

DataWELL brings years of industry experience to your project, including work with health plans, provider and payer services, pharmacy and specialty benefit management organizations. Our actionable insights will accelerate speed to market for your most important business initiatives.

Path to Ownership

When it comes time to transition to a self-hosted solution, only DataWELL offers an option to buy. While DataWELL is designed to eliminate the need to directly manage the solution, especially when your internal IT team is spread too thin  to take on strategic analytics, your business strategy may drive you to move to an owned solution.

DataWELL has developed a unique transition plan with a timed sliding scale for licensing and ownership to provide a clear path toward an in-house analytics solution.

Multiple Intelligences

Rather than using pre-built solutions with small customizations, or analyzing your “as is” data, DataWELL offers a comprehensive data and analytics solution.

We bring multiple intelligences to the table. Our analysts, clinicians, data specialists, and industry experts engage with the people and teams at the front line of your business.

Best Value

Comprehensive analytics can be cost-prohibitive — especially for smaller organizations and start-ups. In addition to meeting security requirements, you need experts in healthcare data management and a robust analytic team. DataWELL’s sole focus is healthcare analytics.

Our industry experts understand your risk-based business models and can develop tailored solutions with unsurpassed efficiency. Additionally, our expertise in end-to-end data management and delivery of business insights work together to create the most cost-efficient analytics package in the industry.

DataWELL’s scalable healthcare analytics platform can be tailored to your business needs with two complementary products:

  • DataFLEX: Our full-service production analytics warehouse

  • DecisionLAB: Our template-driven environment for custom-tailored quick-market analysis