Quickly test business ideas and prototypes with very little ramp-up.

Nimble Solution

Quickly explore, test, and evaluate new ideas, hypothesis, data sources.

Fixed-Time Project

Leverage DataWELL’s analytic models and industry insights for rapid turnaround on a one-time data set or fixed-time project.

Perfect Solution For

  • Opportunity Market Analysis
  • Client pre-sales value story
  • Pricing model testing
  • New product business case

Test custom business cases and deliver ready-to-run market analyses. The solution includes:

Customer-Focused Expertise

  • One time snapshot
  • With executive summary & ad hoc analytics

Customized Executive Summary, Measures of Health Risk. and Trend Analytics.

This high level-snapshot report package delivers custom insights highlighted by DataWELL’s senior analysts. Includes:

  • Executive Summary: Covers Observations, Business Levers, Areas of Risk
    • Delivers analytic and Industry comparative observations in a summary format and live presentation.
  • Trend Analytics: Cost & Utilization, Trend Drivers, Trend Analytics
    • Understand trend driver and the associated variances by cost and utilization.
  • Measures of Health Risk: Disease Prevalence, Cost Measures, Demographics, Comorbidities
    • Delivers insight into the clinical dimensions of the risk population and the general population.
    • Discover what is unique vs common for managing risk and health levers.
  • Advanced Analytics
  • External Data Acquisition
  • Security Advisory Services
  • Technology Strategy

Many organizations require seasoned short-term or ad hoc staff to support data, analytic, and technical delivery needs.  DataWELL experts are available for:

Advanced Analytics:

  • Pricing Analytics
  • Machine Learning
  • Predictive Modeling
  • Artificial intelligence (AI)
  • Algorithm Development
  • Ad Hoc & Exploratory Analysis

External Data Acquisition:

  • Data Options
  • Benchmark Data Integration
  • Security Questionnaire & Audit responses

Security Advisory Services:

  • Advisory Security Assessment
  • Security Recommendations
  • Security Remediation and Enhancement Assistance

Technology Strategy:

  • Develop and refine Technology Roadmap
  • Capabilities Assessment & Planning
  • Over arching or specific application Data Strategy

Operational analytics:

  • Performance Analytics
  • Operational Monitoring
  • Standard Reporting·
  • Financial Analytics



Analytic Enablement & Data Management

  • Advanced healthcare models for intelligent analytics

Healthcare Models:

  • Trend Model, and Data Enhancements are applied for intelligent analytics.
  • All data from clients and third-party sources are modeled in proven data structures for full analytical capability.
  • Advanced model components for trend, completion factors,  calculations and counts are readily available.
  • Improving analytic insights through intelligent data manipulation
  • Leverage core data sources to create additional data elements that will improve analytic insights.
  • Apply groupers, categorize data, and flag or tag data to assist analysts explain and interpret data.
  • Ad Hoc/Limited updates
  • Quality controls
  • Standardization
  • Cleansing
  • Profiling
  • Transformations

DataWELL Platform

  • Delivered Reports

DataWELL’s On-Demand Business Intelligence Query Tools:

  • Perform intuitive ad hoc queries
  • Produce informative reports with point and click access.
  • Fully managed solution that securely stores, integrates and manages your data.

A HIPAA-compliant platform that ensures protected health information (PHI) is private and secure as it is stored, transmitted, and processed with a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) and security audit required of every vendor providing additional services to the platform.

The platform remains compliant through adhering to a detailed regimen of:

  • disaster recovery
  • auditing
  • frequent threat scanning
  • access controls
  • client data isolation
  • data encryption

The DataWELL prototype environment is ideal for your innovation and exploration.