Leverage the first data analytics warehouse designed with flexibility in mind.

Turnkey Solution

Our hosted, scalable production data warehouse provides an analytics environment with full flexibility backed by expertise that is unmatched in the industry.

Production Environment

Interactive analytics warehouse allows clients to regularly access and report on results as needed. Offers real-time client-defined frequency data feed updates.

Perfect Solution For

  • Identify at-risk members and member groups
  • Achieve targeted performance analytics
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Discover opportunity levers for product/service improvement

DataFLEX combines Strategic Expertise, Healthcare Analytics, and the DataFLEX Platform to deliver an integrated turnkey solution:

Customer-Focused Expertise

  • On Demand Access
  • Quarterly snapshot with executive summary

Customized Executive Summary, Measures of Health Risk. and Trend Analytics.

This high level-snapshot report package delivers custom insights highlighted by DataWELL’s senior analysts. Includes:

  • Executive Summary: Covers Observations, Business Levers, Areas of Risk
    • Delivers analytic and Industry comparative observations in a summary format and live presentation.
  • Trend Analytics: Cost & Utilization, Trend Drivers, Trend Analytics
    • Understand trend driver and the associated variances by cost and utilization.
  • Measures of Health Risk: Disease Prevalence, Cost Measures, Demographics, Comorbidities
    • Delivers insight into the clinical dimensions of the risk population and the general population.
    • Discover what is unique vs common for managing risk and health levers.
  • Advanced Analytics
  • External Data Acquisition
  • Security Advisory Services
  • Technology Strategy
  • Operational Analytics

Many organizations require seasoned short-term or ad hoc staff to support data, analytic, and technical delivery needs.  DataWELL experts are available for:

Advanced Analytics:

  • Pricing Analytics
  • Machine Learning
  • Predictive Modeling
  • Artificial intelligence (AI)
  • Algorithm Development
  • Ad Hoc & Exploratory Analysis

External Data Acquisition:

  • Data Options
  • Benchmark Data Integration
  • Security Questionnaire & Audit responses

Security Advisory Services:

  • Advisory Security Assessment
  • Security Recommendations
  • Security Remediation and Enhancement Assistance

Technology Strategy:

  • Develop and refine Technology Roadmap
  • Capabilities Assessment & Planning
  • Over arching or specific application Data Strategy

Operational analytics:

  • Performance Analytics
  • Operational Monitoring
  • Standard Reporting·
  • Financial Analytics

Analytic Enablement & Data Management

  • Advanced healthcare models for intelligent analytics

Healthcare Models:

  • Trend Model, and Data Enhancements are applied for intelligent analytics.
  • All data from clients and third-party sources are modeled in proven data structures for full analytical capability.
  • Advanced model components for trend, completion factors,  calculations and counts are readily available.
  • Improving analytic insights through intelligent data manipulation
  • Leverage core data sources to create additional data elements that will improve analytic insights.
  • Apply groupers, categorize data, and flag or tag data to assist analysts explain and interpret data.
  • Automated Production Feed Updates
  • Quality controls
  • Standardization
  • Cleansing
  • Profiling
  • Transformations

DataWELL Platform

  • User on-demand access
  • Quarterly snapshot with executive summary

DataWELL’s On-Demand Business Intelligence Query Tools:

  • Perform intuitive ad hoc queries
  • Produce informative reports with point and click access.
  • Fully-managed solution that securely stores, scales, integrates and manages your data.

A HIPAA-compliant platform that ensures protected health information (PHI) is private and secure as it is stored, transmitted, and processed with a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) and security audit required of every vendor providing additional services to the platform.

The platform remains compliant through adhering to a detailed regimen of:

  • disaster recovery
  • auditing
  • frequent threat scanning
  • access controls
  • client data isolation
  • data encryption

DataWELL has the perfect solution for your ongoing analytics needs.